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Sentience & Sapience LP

A soundtrack for gutted metropolises, virtual sanctuaries and utopian enclaves, 'Sentience & Sapience' is a seamless, psychedelic journey through possible near futures in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Its overlapping arrangements alternately evoke glittering digital realms and bleak, decrepit landscapes populated by ghostly natives drifting in fractured and multiplying realities. Eastern drones, processed guitars and field recordings are warped, dubbed to cassette and re-sampled again. Meditative gongs and bells punctuate the mix, as human-sounding voices drift in and out intoning synthetic chants. Digital and analog textures dissolve into a continuum, suggestive of blurred and vanishing boundaries between the natural and the artificial; the real and the simulated; the evolved and the designed…

Inspired by the outlandish prophecies of Tech guru Ray Kurzweil, and the Transhumanist evangelism of 20th century psychonauts like Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson, ‘Sentience & Sapience’ is an album for bewildered Homo sapiens contending with intelligent machines in the shadow of the singularity.

Released November 16 2018, via Touch Sensitive Recordings.

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